All The World's Information, In A U-Haul Trailer

Tiny Thing, Big Deal
OK, if you can get 1 terabyte inside a 1-cubic-centimeter volume...

...and according to this UC-Berkeley study, the world produces about 1.5 billion gigabytes (1.5 million terabytes) of information each year...

Then, you could fit the entire world's yearly production of information inside a cube that measured...

cube-root(1.5 million) ~= 115 cm
..per side. That is, not as long in any dimension as most adults are tall, and only 1.5 cubic meters (53 cubic feet) in total volume.

Two whole copies would fit in U-Haul's smallest trailer.

OK, so how about we create a couple of these every year, and launch them into space, just in case something goes horribly awry with our planet?

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