The Internet: The Once and Future King of All Media

Bring Back the Euphoria Taskforce
NYTimes: Investors May Have Repudiated the Internet, but Consumers Have Not

From my perspective, the key point to be taken from this article is that the net is subsuming TV, replacing channel-surfing with web-surfing. An example:

"We see young people who are flowing between TV and the Web almost seamlessly, finding new ways of getting what they want, going to what they want when they want it," said Betsy Frank, executive vice president for research and planning at MTV Networks. "That's what the Web has taught them � you don't have to sit around for something you're not interested in."
Instead of having your intellect be dulled by absorbing someone else's agenda, because it's "what's on right now," with the net you can fill your time with the entertainment, information, and personalities that most captivate you. That's gigantic for learning, participation, enjoyment.

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