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Hire Me!

I am now available for full-time employment!

I am a skilled designer, implementor, troubleshooter, and promoter of innovative Internet applications. Areas of special expertise involve web and custom protocols, highly distributed/heterogenous systems, and object-oriented design and programming. Check out my resume:

Resume (Plain Text) - Gordon Mohr
Ideal engagements would include permanent employment in San Francisco, medium-term contracts (3-6 months) throughout the bay area, or short-term or part-time contracts (<4 months) here or in other interesting locales.

(FYI: My startup, Bitzi, is still operating and growing, and improvements requested by users and partners will continue to appear with regularity. The web site, web service, and contributor community are self-sustaining and financially self-sufficient. However, you know what they say about watched pots never boiling? The same thing goes for oceans. It could be a long time before Bitzi's business operations can justify a full-time, salaried career in its service.)

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