Time Has Come Today

Subtextual Analysis
A friend recently called my attention to the fact that clocks and watches in advertising displays -- at least analog clock faces -- usually show the time 10:10. I suppose the reason is the nice -- although not *too* perfect/perpendicular -- symmetry. However, 10:10 even seems preferred to its mirror time, 2:50. Is this merely a tradition among time merchants?

More variety appears on advertised digital timepieces. A recent TV advertisement for a fast-food Simpsons watch giveaway shows all watches with the time 12:22 -- which fills all digit places and as an added benefit, suggests lunchtime.

On a recent flight, perusing the Skymall catalog, I saw the following digital clock ad and had to wonder, "What are they trying to say with their choice of display time?" When I then read the first line of descriptive copy -- "This full-function clock radio has a secret" -- I chuckled out loud. See for yourself:

Skymall Late Spring 2002 p. 151 (111K JPG)
(Image via catalogs.google.com.)

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