Jack Ass vs. Jackass: Man named "Jack Ass" suing Viacom for "Jackass" (the movie and TV show)

Tort Stunts
The Smoking Gun: In re the matter of: Jack Ass, Plaintiff, and Viacom International Inc., Defendants

A Montana man who changed his name from Bob Craft to Jack Ass in 1997 is suing Viacom. He writes in his complaint:

Viacom International, through the use of MTV jackass (Johnny Knoxville / P. J. Clapp), is liable for injury to my reputation that I have built and defamation of my character which I have worked hard to create.
Jack Ass has a website where he promotes his (planned?) beer, which features a reminder to use a designated driver on the label. Jack is also graduate of Budweiser Beer School.

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