Lycos says: Janet Jackson Superbowl Breast Stunt Biggest Search Topic Ever

Lycos 50 Daily Report: Janet Jackson Makes History

It's staggering -- the risque superbowl halftime stunt generated more followup searches at Lycos, and presumably other search engines, than any other event, including the September 11 attacks.

We've seen the surge at Bitzi, but only starting late Monday night, when this page of user-reported info about a janet jackson superbowl breast stunt JPEG suddenly became a top hit at a major search engine.

We got the largest inrush of browsing traffic in our history soon after midnight... and that was only the beginning. By the morning, we'd hit our hosting bandwidth cap (quickly upped) and at one point were running at 15 times our usual bandwidth usage. That would have been even higher, if not for the predictable server problems which are revealed by such a flash flood.

Other files -- animated gifs, videos of various formats, alternate photos and even doctored remixes -- were also reported to our catalog. As of this writing, some of our top local search hits for janet jackson superbowl include:

  1. janet_jackson_superbowl_breast_video_clip.wmv / 570850 (557.5KB) magnet XML
  2. janet_jackson_superbowl_breast_animated_tiny.gif / 452793 (442.2KB) magnet XML
  3. janet_jackson_superbowl_breast_plus_justin_timberlake_photo.jpg / 885062 (864.3KB) magnet XML
  4. janet_jackson_superbowl_breast_collage_photo.jpg / 49258 (48.1KB) magnet XML
  5. remix_superbowl_janet_jackson_breast_justin_timberlake_doctored_animated.gif / 343175 (335.1KB) magnet XML
  6. r2794264459 Janet Jackson Tittie Photo Super Bowl XXXVIII Tit Boob.jpg / 20269 (19.8KB) magnet XML
  7. Janet Jackson's breast superbowl 35 halftime 2004.mpeg / 1081348 (1.0MB) magnet XML
  8. Janet Jackson's Breast Exposed Superbowl 2004 Video Clip.mpg / 3021200 (2.9MB) magnet XML
  9. Janet Jackson boob, breast slip, paste - Justin Timberlake rips off her shirt, exposes her at Superbowl.wmv / 1482578 (1.4MB) magnet XML
  10. Janet Jackson boob, breast slip, paste - Justin Timberlake rips off her shirt, exposes her at Superbowl.avi / 1361920 (1.3MB) magnet XML
I provide this information, of course, simply as a service to the readers of my blog, be they carbon- or silicon- based. Bitzi doesn't host these files, or any others, but is an increasingly reliable guide to what's floating around on P2P networks.