Dem Party 527 Group Calls for Federal Ministry of Truth

America Coming Together (ACT) is a "527" political slush fund, one of the loophole demon spawn of the McCain-Feingold campaign speech quotas. ACT works to "elect Democrats up and down the ticket this November."

But they also want to set up the Federal Communications Commission as a sort of Ministry of Truth that would review and approve campaign ads before they run. On their site for hosting a satirical Will Ferrell campaign ad, White House West, they urge visitors to sign a petition:

STOP THE FRAUD: Stop airing fraud. Allow democracy to work.

Americans must be able to trust the facts in political ads. Every voter has the right to truthful advertising. Free speech is no defense to massive, purposeful fraud.

You, the FCC, have an obligation to ensure that broadcast stations around the country do not transmit misleading, deceptive and fraudulent advertising.

We, the undersigned American citizens, demand that you require proof of fact before airing political advertisements. Laws must change to protect our democracy.

You'd think a group backed by George "Open Society" Soros would have a better idea of what free speech means. If they take issue with a few numbers in Bush's campaign commercials, they should dispute the ads with more speech. Whining that a federal agency should exercise prior restraint over all political speech is pathetic -- and working to give any agency that power is dangerous.

And consider the irony of ACT exercising their First Amendment-protected right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances -- to ask for a curtailment of First Amendment-protected rights of freedom of speech and the press. What's next? An armed insurrection to revoke the right to keep and bear arms?


We regret to inform you that your political ad, "White House West", has been censored as fraudulent advertising. Americans must be able to trust the facts in political ads, and we believe that while the subject of your ad represents himself to be president George W. Bush, he, in fact, is not. Look at the facts. The man in your ad is much more learned and articulate than the true president of these United States. The real president has never demonstrated such facility with advanced vocabulary words like "really" and "bad." Our investigations have also revealed that the president does not actually possess a hoe, at least not since Jenna moved out. So please cease and desist your broadcasting of this blatantly misleading ad. Absent any proof that there are no falsehoods in your future materials, your right to free speech is hereby revoked. We're glad you agree that this kind of measure is the only thing that will help us stop the fraud and protect our democracy.
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