India, from a globalist and a tourist

Rediff.com: 'India has the innate ability to glocalize'

A 2-part interview with Thomas L Friedman of the NYTimes highlights Friedman's sunny view of outsourcing and offshoring. His cutesy coinages -- "glocalize," "the world is flat," "Globalization 3.0," "the McDonald's theory [of peace between nations]" -- get a bit cloying, but he has an important message. Meanwhile...

Slate: Trying Really Hard To Like India

A 5-part travelogue which, seeing brutal poverty in India from a tourist's perspective, finds dark humor in it. Slate may get indignant nastygrams, but levity can be a legitimate way to face horrors honestly, rather than simply turning away or adopting a hypocritical solemnity.

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