IPac - "A PAC for balanced intellectual property policy"

A new PAC which electioneers for more sensible intellectual property laws has launched: IPac. Its tagline: "Defending the public interest where culture and technology meet."

Good idea. Unsure of the name, though. Should it be said "I-Pac," like IPod? Such an association -- while cute now -- could eventually seem dated as fads change. They might also be misheard as AIPAC -- though that might not be such a bad thing when phoning legislators to get a meeting.

Or is it "I.P. Ack!", an exasperated exclamation?

Or should it be said "I.P. Action," like their domain name if not their logo? (What's up with promoting a name different from the domain? That tends to dilute the identity-juice...)

But these are nits. Whatever the name I'm rooting for them.

("IPac" also somewhat reminds me of Robin Gross's IPJustice, whose name has always struck me as a little funny. "Hey, take me out for a night of beers around the corner from the RIAA's offices, and by the end of the night I'll pee a little justice, too!")

Well, as someone who played a role in creating Ipac, I can tell you how I pronounce it. For me, it's what you do before moving: "I Pack." I.P.-Ack probably doesn't sound quite as good. :)

Our domain name is ipaction because the full lengthy name of Ipac is "The Intellectual Property Action Committee." and ipac.com/org/net weren't available. Hopefully we'll get to a point where it's all synonymous. With help from bloggers like this, we're on our way. Thanks for the kind words!
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