I love Asian computer-tech manufacturer ASUS. My homebuilt AMD64 quiet desktop machine uses their K8V-SE Deluxe motherboard. I built my mother a Pundit-based desktop machine. I assembled my own 1.7Ghz Duron tiny notebook based on their M5200n barebones.

I've had my eye on a WL-330g "pocket access point" for a while. It's got three modes: wireless access point, wireless bridge/repeater, or ethernet-to-wireless adaptor.

They're also churning out stylish entertainment-center-centric PCs like the S-Presso. It's got a ST:TNG-like front color touch control panel and an instant-on mode for playing CD/DVD/MP3 without an OS boot.

I'm surprised they're not better known. ASUS might just be a few more mass-market products -- plus an English native speaker to write their marketing and instructional copy -- away from being a giant consumer brand. I might even invest in their stock, if I could figure out the right symbol/market to use. (WTF is PNK?) ASUS 200X == Sony 198X?

PNK probably means pink sheet.
I suspected that, but then could not find confirmation (via any Yahoo legend, acronymfinder, or several Gooogle searches) that PNK is a common abbrieviation for 'pink sheets'.
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