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Hacknot: Wikiphilia - The New Illness

Wikiphilia: A mental illness characterized by the irrational conviction that any problem faced by a group can be rendered solvable through installation and use of a Wiki. This delusional ailment has been occurring in increasing numbers ever since it was first identified in 1995. Wikiphilia usually manifests in two distinct phases - the rapturous anticipation of the Wiki's potential in the short post-installation phase; slowly giving way to denial of the Wiki's failure to fulfill that potential in the second phase.
Mr Ed of Hacknot identifies a real issue. I'm surprised he coined such a relatively benign term -- wikiphilia -- given his skepticism. (I might gone for the more vivid wikirrhea.)

But a wiki is still usually better than nothing. At least it provides a place for knowledge to be captured by those who are motivated to do so. We can count on ever-improving, deep, comprehensive full-text search technology. That means getting knowledge down somewhere, anywhere, even in disorganized and incomplete form, creates an asset that can throw off a future stream of benefits long into the future. And if a wiki fails to deliver the expected organizational results, even the way it fails can provide useful information.

The treatment of wikiphilia will rarely involve complete discontinuation of wiki -- "wiki cold turkey". Rather, a shot of realistic expectations, and followup course of appreciating the preconditions for wiki success, will provide the best prognosis.

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