Poor man's trademark search

As of earlier tonight, I captured the search results for the following searches at major search engines:

    Google (Groups) Yahoo Ask Jeeves MSN
"Digital Media Encyclopedia"
    Google (Groups) Yahoo Ask Jeeves MSN
"Digital Media Encyclopaedia"
    Google (Groups) Yahoo Ask Jeeves MSN

Interestingly, none of the hits for "digital media encyclopedia" are of the three words as a unified noun phrase. Among the (very few) hits, there's always punctuation, newline, or other implied break between "digital media" and "encyclopedia".

"Bitpedia" is the new name for the collaborative online reference work stewarded and published by Bitzi. (It used to be called the "OpenBits Catalog".) "Digital Media Encyclopedia" is Bitpedia's new tagline. I'm happy that they're both such unique coinages, at least as far as the preeminent web search engines can tell.

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