Technorati hate me

I'm in their link cosmos with "55 links from 53 sources". I use their technorati tags.

But they don't index my blog posts. What gives?

Technorati Tags:


Could be a bug on our end. I'm sending this info on to our engineers so they can check into it to see why your tagged posts aren't showing up. Please don't hesitate to send email to feedback@technorati.com in the future if/when you are having problems.

Sorry about that!

One thing that is throwing us off a bit is that you don't use the link rel="alternate" syntax for your feed in the head, so we don't find the RSS feed. I'm seeing what else is going awry too.
Thanks for looking into this, Technoratians!

I've added...

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" href="http://gojomo.blogspot.com/rss/gojomo.xml" title="Gojomo Blog RSS Feed" />

...to my template's HEAD. I'm just mimicking what I've seen used elsewhere, because a quick search didn't find any authoritative spec for using rel="alternate" to clue in feed-crawlers.
Looks like that did the trick - you're showing up in the optimism tag now among others.
(See, we love you really).
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