AdWords gone wild: 90 ads on single search results page

tall image of 90 google adwords ads on single page I remember the good old days when Google only showed at most 8 AdWords ads down the right of their search results. I just tried a search for "green tea" and got the eyeful you see to the right.

That's 90 -- count 'em! -- 90 AdWords ads for a single query.

Oddball of the bunch? Seven from the bottom, headline "Nuclear Testing Grounds."

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I guess they adjusted the number of ads to match the number of displayed results. When I have my preferences set to only 10 results, I get the same old 8 ads, but when I increase it to 50, I get the full collection.

Hah, noni juice! I guess with 90 green tea ads, you really end up scraping the bottom of the barrel!
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