Most awaited new political thriller since 'Be Gone Demons'

Washington Times: 'Saints' fend off 'snakes' in Boxer's political novel

California Senator Barbara Boxer has a novel on the way -- A Time to Run -- where Democrat 'saints' work to derail the nomination of a conservative woman to the Supreme Court.

The fiction world hasn't seen this sort of suspenseful insider allegory ripped from today's headlines since Be Gone Demons!, Saddam Hussein's 2003 literary swan song. Hussein chose as his villains evil, scheming Jews -- a crowd-pleasing choice among his fan demographics. In a wise nod to American sensibilities, Boxer instead chooses evil, scheming Republicans.

"Suffice it to say, [Boxer's] effort reads more like a cross between a bad romance novel and a soap opera script. The Congressional Record might be more entertaining. And it's free," noted the Sacramento Bee, which obtained an uncorrected proof of the novel last month but was prohibited from quoting directly from it.
Pshaw! These journalistic carpers are just jealous. <monheit>The Nobel committee will recognize dynamite when it reads it! Come next October, it will be A Time to Run, alright -- all the way to Stockholm for the Literature Prize!</monheit>

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