Creative interpretations of copyright law, part 337

PrintFu: Super Fast. Super Cheap. PDF Book Printing. Neat idea for a service; cheap printing of any PDF on the web which is then bound (like a college course reader) and sent to you. But is it legal? From their FAQ:
What about Copyright?
PrintFu never looks at the content of the printed content. PrintFu is only a remote printer. The user is responsible for their own rights to the printed content.
Hmm. I think such a service should be legal, but I don't think "we never look at the content" is the standard. MP3.com got into trouble trying to use the delegated and indirect fair-use rights of its customers -- who had even "proven" (after a fashion) their possession of a legal physical copy. My magic 8-ball says for PrintFu: "Danger ahead. Watch your back."

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