Seeing this in a feed reader? Please update your feed URL!

So that I get a vague idea of readership, I've wrapped my blog feed with Feedburner.

Unfortunately, Blogger/Blogspot gives me no option to withdraw/redirect the older original feed. So if you read 'Gojomo' via a feed reader, and are not already using the Feedburner feed, I'd appreciate if you could update your subscription to the new feed:


Yes, you'll leak a little anonymous info to me -- mainly your existence and reading software. And you may leak a little nearly-anonymous info -- your IP address -- to Feedburner instead of to Blogger/Google. But you'll help me understand who, if anyone, is reading my ravings, and how.


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I don't think I can easily update the livejournal feed, though I guess gating it through feedburner wouldn't help you count readers anyway.
I've sent a message to LJ support to update the feed, per...


(I presume it's associated with the syndicated account 'gojomo'? Because, it won't let me register/login as 'gojomo'. Kinda sucky that once someone imports your feed as your name, you lose the chance to use it as a LJ login in the future.)
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