Regex Powertoy: major update

Regex Powertoy has received major updates, and a new home URL: regex.powertoy.org.

As originally demoed at Bar Camp last August, Regex Powertoy lets you interactively tune a regular expression inside a web browser. This version fixes a number of glitches and adds many new capabilities, including:

  • Perl-style syntax option (now the default)
  • Replacements with backreferences
  • Highlighting alternatives: emphasize matches, edits, replacements, or splits
  • Improved capturing group detail display
  • Bookmark patterns and settings to a 'matchmark'
  • Regex syntax reminder help
All matching is done locally by an applet -- there's no network traffic after the page loads.

Regex Powertoy was developed in Firefox with Java 5 (aka 1.5) applet support, but mostly works in IE6, and should work with Java 2 (aka 1.4).

Comments, suggestions, bug reports, and patches are all welcome!

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