Ravings of the insane: Sun's Java version numbering

Sun: JavaTM SE 6, Platform Name and Version Numbers

Wherein we learn that...

  • "J2SE 5.0" is followed by "Java SE 6".
  • "1.6.0 refers to exactly the same platform and products numbered 6".
  • "The number 6 is used to reflect the evolving level of maturity, stability, scalability and security of Java SE." (Is that some sort of superstitious Chinese numerology? I thought the devil is 6.)
  • "JDK" is not an abbrieviation for "Java Development Kit", but "Java SE Development Kit". (Where did the 'S' go?)
  • "Java EE Development Kit" is abbrieviated "SDK". (Aha, there's the 'S'.)
  • "Java SE keeps the version number 1.6.0 (or 1.6) in some places that are visible only to developers, or where the version number is parsed by programs." (Oh, except for the filenames and install directory of every Java download non-developers might use.)
Whoever decided and approved this crazy scheme is obviously a Microsoft sleeper agent devoted to the destruction of the Java platform. Sun, kick them upstairs quick, before they do any more damage.

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Sun has been at this game even longer with Solaris. The developer-visible names make sense -- Solaris 10 is SunOS 5.10 as java -verison prints 1.5.0_06 on one computer.

If the new CEO declares that Java 6 will heretofore be known as Java 1.6 I'll take it as an omen to buy SUNW.
My theory, back when I ran Solaris and had to deal with the SunOS versioning insanity, is that each different internal team used the different numbering schemes.

It's symptomatic, really.
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