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via Reddit: Joe's Goals

I've had the idea for a web app like this in the back of my mind for a while, so it's great to see it made real.

But, some quibbles:

  • No feedback channel. No blog, no forum, no contact email. Thus I've got to quibble here. (But maybe they're diabolically clever: I have to quibble here, where others will see it.)
  • No Favicon. C'mon, "Joe". It's 2006. I have 20+ tabs open and you've made an app that plausibly, I'd want to keep up in my browser all day. A Favicon is not optional. (LazyWeb request: a Firefox extension to assign my own Favicons to sites and pages.)
  • No reordering of goals. Many daily goals are time-sensitive and an ordered presentation would help... but if you remember a "first thing in the morning" goal after entering others, there's no way to put it first.
  • No free-form notes. Little reminders of how you hit your 'pos' goals or lapsed on the 'neg's on any given day would make the app more intimate, emotional, memorable. It could be done in a way that preserves the current simplicity.
I'd also love to see some simple to-do list integrated... such that each to-do item retired counts as a positive goal, but doesn't require its own permanent 'goal' row. But I understand that'd present a major challenge to the current super-simple appeal, so this quibble doesn't rate a bullet.

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Thanks for the quibbles! I rolled it out as a beta and had no idea how quickly it would grow. Thanks for your thoughts, most of your ideas are in queue and you may just find some of them on the suddenly on the site tonight.

Thanks again!

Ian (ie “Joe”)
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