You the man now, Digg!

I recall early this year when Digg was knocking at Slashdot's door, about to surpass it in traffic... but only in the last few days have I noticed a couple mention that Digg has actually pulled into the lead. According to Alexa, Digg passed Slashdot in tracked pageviews in March, then in tracked "reach" (which I believe is a matter of unique visitors) in April:

(Part of the Digg surge is associated with a discontinuity in the Alexa data which probably reflects some internal methodological change -- but the pro-Digg trend seems evident both before and after.)

I always thought Slashdot could be unseated by a similarly-focused competitor that showed marginally more care about quality: facts, grammar, and a respectable editorial voice. How wrong was I?

You the man now, Digg!

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