NYTimes republishes my artwork (without attribution)

Niall Kennedy: New York Times on employer weblog intervention:
Tom Zeller Jr. of the The New York Times wrote an article published in Monday's business section on employer intervention over employee weblogs. I am featured in the article. I will pick up a hard copy of the paper in the morning.

I first want to give Gordon Mohr credit for the poster pictured in the article. I hope he was contacted about the use of his work.

Thanks, Niall! Now, regarding the Times...

No, the New York Times didn't contact me before republishing my collaged recreation of Niall's original. That's OK -- I don't contact the New York Times before excerpting their work, either.

But I do scrupulously give attribution, which I would have thought customary in such situations, if not outright required by journalistic ethics.

There's no attribution in the current online version, just the caption "A recreation of Niall Kennedy's posting." (screenshot) That could give readers the impression the image was created by NYTimes staff.

I'll see how it's creditted (or not) in the print version in the morning.

Update (2:52pm pt): The print version, below the fold on the first page of the business section, has the same generic "A recreation of Niall Kennedy's posting" caption. Cool to see my collage work published in full-color in the NYTimes. Odd they didn't see fit to credit the source of a news illustration.

Update (2005-04-25 11:04pm pt): The NYTimes link inside the Niall Kennedy quote above has been updated to target a freely-accessible version of the article, using New York Times Link Generator.

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The text in the search box on that screen shot was a nice touch.

Are you going to persue legal action?
Heh, I don't think it's legally actionable.

I hope it was just a editting mixup. Perhaps there was originally an explanation that another blogger recreated the poster as shown, but that part got cut.

I wrote a letter to their corrections/public editor email addresses, perhaps they'll issue a correction with attribution.
Send them a cease and desist, heheh.
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