NYTimes corrects missing attribution

Thanks go to the New York Times for finally addressing their uncreditted use of an illustration I created for this blog. (The more direct and accusatory approach worked.) From the June 3 2005 Corrections:
A caption in Business Day on April 18 with an article about whether companies can restrict the blogging of their employees omitted a credit for the creator of the artwork. The re-creation was done by Gordon Mohr. An e-mail message reporting the error a month ago was misdirected at The Times. (Go to Article)
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"misdirected at The Times" ?

Maybe you should have directed it at the the attorneys instead.

unless I'm getting my use of prepositions wrong. I assume "misirected at The Times" is like saying "misdirected to The Times", as opposed to saying "misdirected by The Times after our staff read it"
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