Kazaa Unveils New Version, Partners

P-to-the-Pth Power
News.Com: "New Kazaa likely to raise labels' ire"

NYTimes: "Music-Swapping Service Gains Stature in New Deal"

Kazaa has a new version -- "v2" -- and a new copromotion with Tiscali, an Italian broadband provider.

In a feature reminiscent of Bitzi, Kazaa now lets users rate file quality. However, so far, all download links at the Kazaa site still point to the old version, 1.7.2. More on the new Kazaa after I have a chance to try it out...

Infectious Triggers for Multiple Sclerosis: Controversial or Old Hat?

Infectious Agency
The Times (UK) reports that an "Upsetting theory of MS sex link is dismissed" -- making it sound like the idea of infectious triggers for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is new and controversial. But this page about viruses at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society suggests that many viruses have been suggested as potential MS triggers, and that while evidence is inconclusive, more than one study has implicated the HHV-6 human herpes virus. So why does the Times article have such an aghast spin, if the MS society can already discuss the possibility calmly in material composed over a year ago?


Neologism Division
NYTimes: "Nu Shortcuts in School R 2 Much 4 Teachers"

Kids are getting failing grades for using shorthand from online and telephone keypad instant-messaging culture. By the time these kids themselves have kids in school, can we expect a movement to embrace 'IMbonics' in the curriculum?

Nifty Word: iatrogenic

Nifty Word Corner
iatrogenic - inadvertently induced by medical attention; literally, "physician-generated." This could be an adverse reaction to treatment or advice given -- or even a condition created by the power of suggestion, attention-seeking behavior (eg munchausen syndrome), or a desire to please treatment-givers (as in the origin of the term 'placebo'; literally, "I shall please.").