Amazon blooper: no images, clean look, no order button

Just now visiting Amazon, I saw the following:

For a moment, I thought, "Hmm. Interesting new spartan look!" But then I noticed something rather important missing. Can you see what I mean? (Click the image for a full-size window capture.)

There's no order button. Amazon's order button is an image with no alt/title text. If the image can't load, there's not even an narrow clickable region to 'order' or 'add to cart'.

(It looks like some sort of server-side glitch where all the intended IMG SRC values have been replaced by some "untranslatable-image-id.jpg" dummy value.)

Free design tip for Amazon: don't make ordering dependent on images appearing! Even though all images are gone, the above page is almost wholly understandable and usable... except in the one most crucial way, that allows me to order.

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