"Could you say that again after putting on this helmet?"

AP via Yahoo News: Scientist: MRIs Can Serve As Lie Detectors

It's a Truth Machine! Reason magazine in 2001 considered then-current research in brain-scanning interrogations.

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Old time revival -- TONIGHT!

Attention heathens!

The most illuminated R-y Kurzweil (pbuh) is giving a sermon tonight in San Francisco on the coming technological singularity, which will grant us all bliss everlasting in a computational paradise.

It's due in about 30 years, plus or minus a few decades.

In this virtual heaven not only will we get everything we ever wanted, plus a pony, but the ponies will talk, and get everything they ever wanted too, and shoot frickin' lasers out of their eyes.

I'm going, and may catch a late movie with friends afterwards -- if the singularity does not arrive early during the talk. If it does arrive, we'll instead simultaneously download all movies ever made or capable of being made into our neoneocortexes.

The singularity is near, repent!

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John Battelle's Searchblog: Financial Advice, Horoscopes on the Way?
Google has altered its famous Philosophy page and footnoted the change, SEW points out after noting an older Cnet piece. The line on the page once said: "Google does not do horoscopes, financial advice or chat." It was a poke at portals, and, well, was written before Google became, well, a portal of sorts. It has chat now, so one wonders, can Google Finance be far behind?
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