Nominative Determinism: YouTube vs. 'Google _[blank]_'

Just when I thought Google had come to appreciate the value of a killer name -- buying a great brand in YouTube -- they roll out the most generic and uninspired product name since, well, 'Google Video': Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Say that three times fast.

A name like this even creates cognitive dissonance with the widely-understood verb form 'to google'. I know capital-G Google has to fight such word usage to defend their trademark -- but such usage still benefits them, by worming their identity ever deeper into the common understanding of search. To the extent boring names like 'Google Video' or 'Google Docs and Spreadsheets' work at all, they also read as imperative statements using that verb: "google (that is, search) video" or "google (that is, search) docs and spreadsheets".

The value proposition of these offerings go beyond search... but their potential identities are being smothered under the 'Google' uber-brand. Give them some breathing room: stop the parade of "Google ______" offerings and cook up alternates with their own personality and attitude, like YouTube.

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