IBM Watson: Overprovisioned "Big Iron"?

At Memesteading: IBM Watson: Overprovisioned "Big Iron"?
IBM is known, and rightly admired, for many things… but hardware thrift isn’t one of them. Could a leaner, younger, hungrier team have matched Watson’s performance with a tiny fraction of Watson’s 2880 cores and 15TB RAM?


The Rise of the Web √ Tick

At Memesteading: The Rise of the Web √ Tick

A tick is thus the smallest, easiest gesture that can contribute to larger attention cascades. An interface that uses a tick properly is like a lever with a well-placed fulcrum, turning a tiny initial force — an almost effortless twitch, even — into a larger effect on a wider audience.

Ticktrails are as meaningful on the Likernet as outlinks and clicktrails are on the Internet — an essential part of digital stigmergy. Facebook and Twitter may soon make most of their money from pay-per-tick offerings.

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Welcome to the Likernet… like ‘er or not

At Memesteading: Welcome to the Likernet… like ‘er or not
Facebook’s Likernet is a bright, safe, sanitary metropolis. It’s like Singapore, but in cyberspace with 100 times more citizens. Most current Internet residents will prefer to move to the Likernet. And even if you don’t want to move, you may find the Likernet rising all around you, leaving older Internet districts as blighted slums.

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Five Largest Nations by Population or Active Users, early 2010

At Memesteading: Five Largest Nations by Population or Active Users, early 2010
3. Facebook, 400+ megacitizens networked-membership corporate principality, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg

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Dialectical Inclusionism

At Memesteading: Dialectical Inclusionism
The current generation of deletionists are but a transition phase, still hung up on Britannica-like definitions of ‘notability’ and ‘encyclopedic’.

The “sum of all human knowledge” will not contain deletionism, it will transcend deletionism. We will not bother to denounce it, we’ll dismiss it as a sad, bizarre chapter in human history whose last pages are even now being written.

Deletionists, we will bury you.

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While I may yet post things here, I now intend any 'big thoughts' to go to Memesteading, and little thoughts to Twitter @gojomo.

Seven Score Characters: The Gettysburg Tweet

At Memesteading: Seven Score Characters: The Gettysburg Tweet
By future stds: Gettysburg Address, short? Give me a break! (Why! won’t! he! get! to! the! point!?) #lincolnfail

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These are the days

Well I was watching my TV
with a quart of old Milwaukee
catching up on all the murderers
when the telephone starts to ring
It turns out that it's the President
telling me if he gets my vote
I will soon be wearing a mink coat
coz he'll make all of us Americans rich as kings

Well he had me hook line and sinker
even though it was just a recording
till the news showed guys on Wall Street
trying to fly without their jets
So I fed my german shepherd
checked the canned goods in the basement
and hoped the president's replacement
hasn't tried to get my telephone number yet.

These are the days I wish I'd been an eskimo instead
These are the days I wish I'd stayed in bed
- 'These are the days', Human Radio (Ross Rice), 1990